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Company news about Automation change is imperative

Automation change is imperative


Latest company news about Automation change is imperative

Automation change is imperative

According to the 2015 China Industry 4.0 Process Report, more than half of the enterprises have a comprehensive understanding of the overall concept of Industry 4.0, of which 31.13% believe that Industry 4.0 is leading to a new round of technological change, and 22.87% believe that it will be the inevitable trend of transformation in the face of the industry crisis. This shows that Chinese manufacturing enterprises have reached a good level of awareness of Industry 4.0.
The survey shows that 43.92% of enterprises have already invested in Industry 4.0 transformation, 32.43% will start to invest in the next three years, and only 14.86% are not considering it. Industries and manufacturers that undergo Industry 4.0 transformation will certainly save labor costs significantly, improve production efficiency, enhance customer experience, and strengthen the competitive advantage of manufacturers. Therefore, automated production line transformation has become the top priority for enterprises that are imperative at the moment!

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