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Strong pre-sales service of Hengchao automation machine

Before the complete equipment is sent out, our engineers will carry out several debugging as well as simulated production tests, organize and clean the whole set of equipment hygiene, organize and store all the connecting wires and electric boxes, then carry out packing the whole machine with plastic film packaging, and finally pack it up with smoked wooden bar boxes.

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Mid-sales service

Call us after the equipment arrives at the customer's company, and arrange for professional engineers to guide the installation and technical operation training before production, and after the customer confirms the smooth production of equipment, our engineers then leave.

After-sales service
Provide customers with a full range of after-sales service, 24-hour telephone technical support, to answer all the problems encountered in the use of customers; equipment failure, telephone communication can not be solved, depending on the distance, 24-36 hours to send people to repair; equipment free warranty for one year, the warranty period failure, our company is responsible for free repair;

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Not used in accordance with the operating instructions, poor site maintenance management, man-made damage, wearing parts, force majeure factors, and other non-quality issues, not in the warranty round, maintenance will be charged a reasonable fee;
After the warranty period expires, we will continue to provide extensive hardware and software support and lifelong maintenance services, the cost will be charged as appropriate depending on the actual situation.

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